Every day is a blessing, make every moment count.

Our CEO, Dr. Patricia White, has over 40 years of extensive and valuable healthcare experience, across both hospital and community settings.  She founded the company because she saw an opportunity to provide a higher level of In-Home Care services.

Based on countless discussions with families throughout her career, she found several themes that now serve as the basis for Integrity In-Home Care.

What Clients Want:

  • Confidence
  • Dependability
  • Continuity
  • Peace of Mind
  • Quality of Life for the client
  • Independent living for the client
  • To preserve assets

Our Mission

Providing exceptional value for our customers by delivering our services with integrity, compassion, and caring. Always striving for excellence and the best possible outcomes for all. We are guided by What Clients Want, every day!

Dr. White and her team will always serve as strong advocates for clients, patients, and families.
Every day is a blessing, make every moment count.